pics from Picos 2012
the gallery of the pictures is ready. more information here
added: 01-10-2012
"About little Zuzia and big caves"
and about exploration of the J2 cave in Mexico talked Kasia during XVII Mountain Film Festival in Ladek Zdroj
added: 01-10-2012
pictures from the french pyrennes
are already online
added: 30-09-2012
cover of Explorers Journal Fall 2011
Marcin's picture made the cover of Explorers Journal, issue Fall 2011. it shows Matt Covington in the sump at the botom of J2 cave in Mexico. there's more pictures inside, along the interview with Bill Stone "Between a rock and a hard place".
added: 31-01-2012
we are on the cover of the new Jaskinie magazine
our picture from Puerto Rico makes the cover of the recent issue of Jaskinie (#64). and there's more about the expedition inside.
added: 15-12-2011
third prize in Spain for "Madonna"
picture taken by Kasia in Lechuguilla won third prize inw XXII Concurs Internacional de Fotografia Espeleològica i de Barrancs “Ciutat de Sant Feliu”. you can see all the pictures that participated in the contest and also the winners here
added: 09-12-2011
Explorers Festival
On 20th of November, during Explorers Festival in Lodz (Poland) we talked about our participation in the exploration of the caves in SIstema Cheve, Mexico
added: 25-11-2012
our presentation from Puerto Rico at Speleokonfrontacje
our presentation from caving expedition Rio Encantado 2011 got first award at Speleokonfrontacje.

added: 13-11-2011
our story about the Hawaiian caves in the book
One chapter in the book "Adventure. 17 niesamowitych wypraw" published recently by NG Traveler (polish edition) is our story about the caves in Hawaii.
added: 04-11-2011
cover of "Bieganie" magazine, november 2011
Kasia is author of the photograph on the cover of "Bieganie" magazine
added: 31-10-2011
award in spain
Marcin's photograph from J2 cave in Mexico got 3rd prize in Spain, in XXI Concurs Internacional de Fotografia Espeleològica i de Barrancs “Ciutat de Sant Feliu”. the contest was organized in autumn 2010, but only today we learned which picture got the award. we are happy it was this one, we like it
added: 28-09-2011
meeting of photographers
in august 2011 we participated in international meeting of cave photographers, southern france. we had the opportunity to photograph caves there for 5 days. here is our selection
added: 10-09-2011
wet Cantabria
in second half of July, spanish Cantabria was as wet as Warsaw in November. that's why we have news pictures on the page - from the cave La Cubilla that we visited 3 times with Zuzia.
added: 09-08-2011
Rio Encantado in Puerto Rico
as every year, we spent March on the warmer side of the globe, this time in Puerto Rico. we participated in the expedition which explored the caves of Rio Encantado System.
added: 08-05-2011
polish edition of 'Blind Descent'
James Tabor's book about explotation of the deepest caves will be published in polish soon. 'Po omacku' (which is title in polish) will be avalaible from 18th of March in Mayfly, '360 degrees' collection.
added: 28-02-2011
Poznaj Swiat magazine
in the recent issue of polish magazine Poznaj Świat, 3/2011, you'll find several caving pictures and stories by us.
added: 27-02-2011
Underground Worlds 2011
2 pictures by us are shown in caving calendar 'Underground Worlds 2011', recently published in Germany
added: 28-09-2010
homepage of Tatrzanski National Park
our picture informs about the exhibition 'Underground' at the homepage of Tatrzanski National Park
added: 28-09-2010
french canyons
in august, we visited caves, canyons and climbing spots in Vercors and Chartreuse, France
added: 27-09-2010
picos and zuzia
newest pictures from picos de europa can be seen here
added: 19-09-2010
trailer UnDerGroUnD
Trailer of our photographic exhibition 'Underground' (currently in Zakopane, Poland) made by Bartek Solik here. Exhibition sponsored by TPN.
added: 18-09-2010
two polish girls in Lechuguilla Cave
last week Kasia, invited by Gosia Allison-Kosior, visited Lechuguilla Cave in New Mexico, USA. thus Kasia became the second (after Gosia) person from Poland who could admire the famous Chandelier Ballroom in Lech. pictures here
added: 29-08-2010
our first big individual exhibition
in September, in Zakopane (Tatra mountain), the exhibition of 35 our photographs from the caves in Poland and in the world will be organized. first from 02.09 to 12.09 in Miejska Galeria Sztuki ul. Krupówki 41, and then in Ośrodek Edukacyjny Tatrzańskiego Parku Narodowego ul. Chałubińskiego 42 (13.09 to 01.10.2010). the exhibition goes together with the Mountain Fim Festival which takes place in Zakopane in the same month. more about it here. poster of the exhibition here. you will be very welcome!
added: 25-08-2010
new calendar - Speleo 2011
a new 'weekly engagement calendar' with 54 caving pictures is already available. more information here.
added: 26-07-2010
pictures from J2 2010 expedition
we invite you to look at the photographs from our new expedition to the Mexican cave J2.
added: 29-04-2010
cover in Great Britain
our picture from the mexican cave J2 is on the cover of the british caving magazine 'Descent' (n. 212, february/march 2010).
added: 10-02-2010
... and in the new Petzl catalog
Petzl Sport catalog 2010 was published last week. in the 'Caving' section you will find 8 photographs by Kasia from the expedition to Sierra Negra in Mexico.
added: 31-01-2010
we are in a book by National Geographic
National Geographic Poland published recently a book 'Poland through a lens - new edition 2009'. there's 4 our photographs from the caves in Tatra mountain: Pod Wanta Cave, Zimna and Litworowa Caves as well as Mietusia Cave.
added: 06-12-2009
all the tastes of the world
the autumn issue of Gaga magazine (7/2009) published an article by Kasia about travelling with Zuzia and her adventures with food around the world
added: 20-11-2009
new award
Yoopi! We won 2nd prize at XXXII Concurso de Fotografía Espeleológica organized by Grupo Espeleológico Ribereño. 1st prize went to Peter Gedei, 3rd to Andreas Schober. good job guys!
added: 09-11-2009
Petzl contest
We've just uploaded our picture for the Petzl contest. If you like it, please vote for it!
added: 4-11-2009
2 awards at Hidden Earth 2009
our pictures from Piedras Verdes Cave in Picos de Europa (Spain) have been awarded at Hidden Earth 2009 Photographic Competition in Great Britain. we've got Best Shot and Distinction award in Digital Files category.
added: 05-10-2009
a few pictures of Tadarida brasisliensis going out of Bracken Cave in Texas
added: 04-09-2009
pictures picos 2009
kasia made a gallery of the pictures from the spanish expedition to Picos de Europa.
added: 30-08-2009
ICS 2009
Kasia has just come back from the 15th International Congress of Speleology which took place last week in Kerrville, Texas. she brought home a Honorable Mention for the picture she took in Picos de Europa in Spain last year. all together 9 of our pictures have been accepted and presented at the ICS' Print Salon exhibition.

Kasia has also got a SpeleOlympics' 3rd prize for 30 meters Sit-Stand Rope Climbing. according to Nss Vertical Section, Kasia set a women's new world record in this discipline for her age category.
added: 29-07-2009
'polish caving 2009'
picture taken by Kasia in the entrance to the mexican cave Akemabis made the cover of the magazine 'Polish Caving 2005-2009'. the magazine has been published in english by our caving federation for the 15th International Congress of Speleology in Kerville, Texas
added: 28-07-2009
2 x Golden Carabiner
we won! XV Speleo Championships took place yesterday in wojcieszow, in the south of poland. we've come back home with 2 golden biners for the first places: one for kasia (women's competition) and one for marcin (men's competition).

silver biners went to our friends from the club: to paulina olinkiewicz and to marcin derlatka. magda aksman and marcin chorzewski (also from speleoklub warszawski) had good results as well (respectively 4th and 7th). you can take a look at the pictures from competitions on the website of speleoclub "bobry"
added: 14–06–2009
mex j2 2009
please take a look at new gallery from our last expedition to mexico.
added: 6–6–2009
cave photography contest 2009
speleoklub warszawski would like to welcome you to participate in 6th international cave photography contest in commemoration of Waldemar Burkacki. please send your entries between may 1 and september 30. announcement of the winners will take place at october 5th. find more information at official contest site:
added: 1-03-2009
cover of "bieganie"
we made the picture for the cover of "bieganie" magazine
added: 31-01-2009
greetings from tunisia
we've got a picture of Omar from Tunisia. Omar lives in Ksar Ghilane, oasis where the desert begins. we knew Omar 2 years ago and from time to time we receive postcards from him.
added: 31-01-2009
hawai'i in traveler
polish edition of 'national geographic traveler' published article by kasia about our trip to hawaiian caves. you can find it at ng website, more pictures here
added: 28–12–2008
cover of Jaskinie 52
on the cover of the new Jaskinie (n. 52) you can see our picture from the expedition to Sierra Negra in Mexico in april 2008. text about the expedition and more photos inside. you'll find there also our translation of the french text about Dyneema in caving.
added: 28-11-2008
Inside Mother Earth
among the people who helped during the campaign in the European Parliament was also Matthias Reuss. Matthias is the editor of the recently published photobook about the caves 'Inside Mother Earth'. the author of the pictures is german photographer Max Wisshak. beautiful book contains 144 images of the underground world and the texts in english, german and french. you can read more about it at Edition Reuss's homepage.
added: 15-11-2008
Save the hole world
yesterday Kasia came back from the European Parliament in Brussels. she was there to take pictures of the campaign 'Save the hole world', organized by the European Cave Protection Commission of European Speleological Federation (FSE). the goal of the campaign was to spread among the eurodeputees the information about the Written Declaration on Cave Protection WD 66 which they could sign untill 4th of December. the text of the Declaration, photos from the campaign and more information could be found at
added: 15-11-2008
Picos 2008
we've added a gallery from the spanish expedition to Picos de Europa in which we participated last august. more photos at the website of the leader: Zapespeleo
added: 4–11–2008
first prize in Spain
our picture 'It looks like I will take a shower' won the first prize in XXXI Concurso Internacional de Fotografía Espeleológica. the contest was organized by Grupo Espeleológico Ribereno from Aranda de Duero in Hiszpanii.
added: 4–11–2008
distinction from national geographic poland
yesterday the results of the 4th Photo Contest of National Geographic Poland were announced. a picture of Kasia, taken during Cerro Rabon 2008 expedition, has been given the first distinction award in 'People' category: 'Curandera'
added: 25–09–2008
3 awards in italy
good news from italy: 3 our photographs have been awarded in 'Speleologia e ambiente carsico' contest organized in Piemonte. we've been given 2 prize in 'water ways' category, 1 prize in 'caver's life' category oraz 3 prize in 'caver's life' category. you can read more about the contest here
added: 13–09–2008
'mouvement' prize in france
picture taken by Marcin in Kossuth Cave (Hungary, Aggtelek area) was awarded by one of the two prizes (in 'movement' category) of EuroSpeleo Photos contest. the competition was part of the 4th European Speleological Congress 'Vercors 2008'
added: 5–09–2008
'out of the comfort zone'
british magazine 'Outdoor Photography' (issue august 2008) published 2 of our cave pictures and an interview with us
added: 25–07–2008
'Jaskinie' 50
our picture taken at -1160m in the cave Piedras Verdes (Picos de Europa, Spain) makes the cover of 'Jaskinie' 50
added: 24–06–2008
aggtelek once again
we invite you to look at the new pictures from the caves baradla, beke and rakoczy
added: 31–05–2008
in Sierra Negra
we've published : new pictures - also from Mexico, but this time from an expedition to Sierra Negra (in Puebla) in april 2008. our main objectif was to continue the exploration of the cave Akemabis. more information and photos at Zapespeleo
added: 14–05–2008
'Tres Amigos' and cenotes
we've published 2 galleries of the pictures from our trip to mexico in january/february 2008: exploration of the cave 'Tres Amigos' and diving in the cenotes in Yucatan
added: 29–03–2008
'Cueva de Hielo' was second in Spain in 2006
we've just learnt, after 2 years, that our picture 'Cueva de Hielo' won the second prize in Certamen de Fotografía Espeleológica organized in the spanish province of Valencia in spring 2006 roku. the photo contest was one of the activities of I Congreso Valenciano de Espeleología
added: 7–03–2008
poster from Tatras
publishing house of Tatra National Park starts a collection of posters that will show the beauty of Tatra mountains. the first 4 of them will be published at the beginning of 2008. 'caving' poster it's our picture from Korytarz Galeriowy in Zimna Cave. posters will be available in TPN Information Center in Zakopane, Chałubińskiego 42
added: 17–12–2007
we made a page where you can see the jewellery and the gear that we sell. now it's in polish, but english version will come soon
added: 7–12–2007
pictures from Aggtelek Karst
we published a gallery with the pictures from our trip to Aggtelek Karst last may and november
added: 7–12–2007
picos 2007 expedition
we've added to the site the pictures from our expedition with Spaniards to Picos the Europa in august 2007
added: 1–12–2007
interview in digital photographer
recent issue (10/2007) of the magazine Digital Photographer (ukrainian edition) published a big story about cave photography 'Children of the underground'. there is an interview with us and 10 of our cave photographs
added: 21–11–2007
second prize at speleokonfrontacje 2007
annual meeting of polish cavers Speleokonfrontacje 2007 finished today. our presentation 'Hawaii - on the island of lava tubes' has been given the second prize in the competition
added: 19–11–2007
calendar 'underground worlds 2008'
our picture from the cave Samolepo in Montenegro appeared in a german wall calendar published by the club ARGE Grabenstetten e.V.
added: 8–10–2007
2 awards at hidden earth 2007
we won 2 awards at the uk annual caving conference - hidden earth 2007 in september: more results here
added: 8–10–2007
'Speleo 2008' caving calendar
'Speleo 2008, weekly engagement calendar' has just been printed. you can see it here. 2008 edition looks the same as the previous one, but has of course new pictures. we also added a caving vocabulary: 124 speleo terms in english, translated into french and spanish.
added: 3–07–2007
'wesola warszawka' published in 'Focus' magazine
in polish magazine 'Focus, Special Edition 4/2007' you can see our picture of the big room Wesola Warszawka in Sniezna Cave in Tatras
added: 22–05–2007
cover of 'Speleology'
British Cave Research Association published our picture of the stalagmite on the cover of the 8th issue of BCRA bulletin
added: 22–05–2007
SpeleoFotoContest 2007
annual meeting of the italian cave photographers just finished the 26 of april. results of the photo contest were also announced. this time we won the audience award for picture from hawai`i.
more at
added: 27–04–2007
'caves of death'
in the new issue of 'Kulturystyka i Fitness' (april 2007) the continuation of the story by Maciej Piotrowski with our underground pictures
added: 26–04–2007
'boys from the caves'
we've received a copy of the magazine 'Kulturystyka i Fitness' 5/2006 where 4 of our pictures were published with the text 'Boys from the caves' by Maciej Piotrowski
added: 14–03–2007
Przyroda Polska again
article of Anna Grzejewska about cave diving illustrated with our pictures was published in polish magazine Przyroda Polska (Polish Nature) in january 2007
added: 14–02–2007
'passion souterraine' - about polish caves in french
4 double-pages with our pictures from polish caves were published in 4 issue (january - february 2007) of the french magazine 'Bonjour Polska'
added: 9–02–2007
cave photography 'how-to' by kasia in 'jaskinie' magazine
new issue 45 (4/2006) of the polish caving magazine 'Jaskinie' has been published. it contains our article z 'Introduction to taking pictures in the caves' that talks about technical problems in cave photography
added: 9–02–2007
pictures from lava tubes
we made a presentation of the pictures from the hawaiian lava tubes
added: 5–02–2007
we spent 2 weeks of new year time in the lava tubes of hawai'i, big island. we visited the Kipuka Kanochina system (23 miles of the galleries) and Kazumura cave (length 65,5 km, depth 1101,5 m). pictures soon :)
added: 9–01–2007
calendars 2007
for 2007 we prepared two calendars with our cave pictures. first was for Stalbudom company (40x40cm, 13 pages). second one is a desktop calendar for our friends
added: 9–01–2007
Przyroda Polska
article of Anna Grzejewska illustrated with our pictures was published in polish magazine Przyroda Polska (Polish Nature) in december 2006
added: 9–01–2007
we received no 29 (june 2006) of Association for Mexican Cave Studies Activities Newsletter with our article and pictures
added: 9–01–2007
Celtas 2006
results of V Concurso de Fotografía de Montana was announced the 18th of december. this photo contest was organized by mountain club Montaneiros Celtas from Galicia, Spain. we get the honorable mention for picture 'suenos mojados'
added: 9–01–2007
cover of Speleo Magazine
56 issue (november 2006) of the french caving Speleo Magazine was published with our picture on the cover
added: 9–01–2007
Le Continent Invisible
at the begining of november the book "Le Continent Invisible" was printed by french publishing house 'Glenat'. the famous french caver, Georges Marbach is author of the text. also well known Luc-Henri Fage is the picture editor. you can find five of our pictures in this book, including three full pages. more at internet site of Glenat
added: 9–01–2007
Góry - photo edition 2006
our picture from l`Aven d`Orgnac was published in the special edition of "Góry" (Mountains) magazine.
added: 9–01–2007
site updated
our site was just updated. we added search engine - now you can search for pics, albums and news. we added also site map.
added: 26–10–2006
hidden earth 2006
in september british cavers meet at uk annual caving conference - hidden earth. the event includes many competitions - our pictures participated in the photo salon.
2 days ago we learnt that we won a couple of new prizes ;) more results at hidden earth 2006
added: 3–10–2006
'alice in waterland' awarded in spain
last friday we received a very nice phone call:
  • hi, i'm lumi from spain. do you remember me? i called you 2 years ago. guess why i'm calling you today?
  • you have a good news for us, as last time, i suppose
  • yes. your picture was awarded with the first prize in our photo contest!
  • yupii!!! which one?
  • 'alicia en el país del agua' ('alice in waterland')

XXIX certamen internacional de fotografia espeleologica was organized by grupo espeleológico ribereno from spain
added: 2–10–2006
'green ribbon' at nss convention print salon 2006
from 7 to 11 of august in bellingham (washington, usa) took place the annual convention of the national speleological society. photo print salon was part of it. we sent there a couple of our photographs. one of them - swim gym was given a honorable mention (green ribbon) in digital category. the awarded pictures can be seen at nss
added: 27–09–2006
in august we went to montenegro with our six months old susana. we were exploring durmitor massif. unfortunately, without any exiting caves...
take a look at the pictures from montenegro
added: 28–09–2006
new version of the site
we've just finished the relaunch of the site. we hope it will be updated more often

added: 19–07–2006